We are very happy to once again be in a position to support the needs and wishes our Florida Urban Homesteading Nonprofit's 4H & FFA youth participants. This fair season, we were able to sponsor over $4000 worth of livestock and/or related supplies for our recipients. After reading an astounding number of letters from these participants,  we have been thoroughly impressed and extremely proud that these kids are part of our future in agriculture. Each one of these letters has a young person behind it asking for help to learn and grow in agriculture and reading these letters gives us such hope for the up and coming generation.

We are so happy to announce our sponsorship award recipients! We absolutely could not award as many as we have without our raffles and the generosity of our donors. Make sure you visit us often and consider joining our Facebook  group so you'll be the first to know when sponsorship time opens up again.   


*If you are interested in donating TAX DEDUCTIBLE show quality livestock, feed or making a monetary donation towards our FFA & 4H sponsorships, please contact us or head on over to our donors page!